Spiral mixers with fixed head

This SPI spiral mixer ensures a gentle mixing, without overheating, while respecting the steps necessary for a perfect oxygenation.

The regular movement of the spiral produces structured, smooth, even and homogeneous dough thanks to a succession of pushing, stretching and shearing movements.

- bowl designed to boost efficiency : The polished stainless steel bowl of SPI spiral mixers has been specially designed to ensure effective and quick mixing as well as optimal oxygenation of the dough by consecutive stretching, cutting and blowing.

- User friendly : Clear and ergonomic, the Bertrand Puma control panels are available in automatic version (EL models) or manual (EM models) throughout the SPI range. They allow effective and simple kneading management.

- Stop flour dust : Anti-flour projection lids significantly reduce the emission of flour. Completely transparent these lids are easy to clean and offer a permanent view of the dough, in all stages from kneading to fermentation.

– Thoughness : Power transmission by belt requires no maintenance.

– Ergonomics : Adjustable feet stabilise the mixer.

– Safety : When the cover is open, the mixer automatically stops.

SPI spiral mixers offer unrivalled mixing quality, combining versatility and reliable heavy-duty capacity, for perfect respect of the dough and your work.

The SPI range consists of 5 models, with automatic or electromechanical control panels, with a capacity ranging from 3 to 200kg depending on the model.

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