Our development teams are committed to designing highly responsible, sustainable and recyclable equipment.

Thus, our main concerns are :

  • The recycling and reconditioning of equipment
  • The design of the equipment

Recycling: We are committed to ECOSYSTEM allowing the systematic recycling and revalorization of each component of our equipment.

The work we do every day in the development of our products allows us to offer equipment that is 80% recyclable.

Reconditioning: We are committed to ensuring that all our equipment is highly repairable.

Sustainable development: As equipment manufacturers for many decades, it is essential for us to design environmentally friendly equipment through the choice of supplies, the choice of materials and also by controlling our manufacturing processes.

Robustness and reliability: The search for robustness and reliability guides us in each product development. Our machines are recognized for these qualities and that is why we have created the "Club des 25" rewarding our customers who own equipment that is 25 years old or more and still in working order.