Because each and every bread is different, because equipments are not equal and bakers don’t have the same needs, BERTRAND PUMA is putting forward several ranges and finishes on its equipments so that they can be perfectly suited to any kind of bakeries. The Platinum and Stentor versions of our equipments can be distinguished by the following characteristics :

Platinium :

It allows you to access the most technical options.

It ensures the operation for an ever more precise work and an unequalled result in the bakery. The answer to the needs of professionals who always aim for the best result.

It is the choice of technology for modern bakers.

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Stentor :

Access to a reinforced design and an ever more robust choice of materials and accessories.

For intensive, all-terrain use, all day long.

It's the choice of performance at all times, in all conditions.

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Compact :

It gives you access to a range of products specially designed for small spaces.

It is the choice of a space saving and ease of use for your bakery without compromising on performance.

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Cargo :

The cargo range includes robust, reliable, regular equipment designed to withstand semiindustrial volumes and production rates.

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Our range of products
Mixing Fermentolevain
Achat Mixing Fermentolevain


The fermentolevain is a bakery-pastry equipment allowing to elaborate and to keep liquid leaven.

The incorporation of liquid leaven in bread-making allows for shorter mixing times and promotes alveolus. Liquid Leaven gives a greater mechanical tolerance to the dough (flexibility, elongation). Depending on the percentage of incorporation, the aromas and flavors of the products will vary.

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Mixing Twin-arm Mixer Abyss
Achat Mixing Twin-arm Mixer Abyss

Twin-arm Mixer Abyss

ABYSS twin-arm mixers perfectly reproduce the artisan’s gesture by gently kneading all types of dough — from the most hydrated to the most complex — for optimal oxygenation without overheating.

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Mixing Spiral mixers with fixed head
Achat Mixing Spiral mixers with fixed head

Spiral mixers with fixed head

This SPI spiral mixer ensures a gentle mixing, without overheating, while respecting the steps necessary for a perfect oxygenation.

The regular movement of the spiral produces structured, smooth, even and homogeneous dough thanks to a succession of pushing, stretching and shearing movements.

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Mixing Tornado-80
Achat Mixing Tornado-80


Designed specifically for intensive bakery and pastry production, the Tornado mixer has a bowl capacity of 80 liters.
A guarantee of productivity and comfort thanks to its robust and ergonomic construction, as well as its interchangeable tools, Tornado offers you great versatility in the production of your products.

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Mixing Tornado Mixer
Achat Mixing Tornado Mixer

Tornado Mixer

The Tornado has been designed specifically for bakery and pastry making, it allows you to prepare all types of mixes such as pastry (cream, sponge cake, meringue, etc.) and a wide variety of doughs (cookies, brioche, special breads, viennoiseries, etc). 

Tornado guarantees the precision and agility necessary for the realization of all your recipes thanks to its 3 tools (paddle, whisk, spiral) and its management of the mixing speed.

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Mixing Table-top planetary mixer Tornado Compact
Achat Mixing Table-top planetary mixer Tornado Compact

Table-top planetary mixer Tornado Compact

This tabletop mixer is the ideal asset for small spaces, especially in pastry making, allowing to make creams, mixes, or different doughs.

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Mixing SPI tilting elevator ( Self tilting spiral mixers )
Achat Mixing SPI tilting elevator ( Self tilting spiral mixers )

SPI tilting elevator ( Self tilting spiral mixers )

The Bertrand Puma self-tilting mixer allows the transfer of the dough contained in the fixed bowl.

The mixer is entirely lifted and then inclined by the mechanical arm in order to slide the dough contained in the vat towards a volumetric weigher or a refining table.

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Mixing SPI A – removable bowl ( Spiral mixer with lifting head and removable bowl )
Achat Mixing SPI A – removable bowl ( Spiral mixer with lifting head and removable bowl )

SPI A – removable bowl ( Spiral mixer with lifting head and removable bowl )

Equipped with two speeds of rotation, the mixer with removable bowl is designed to avoid the rise of dough, and to control precisely the speed of mixing according to the strength of the dough.

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Mixing Bowl elevator range
Achat Mixing Bowl elevator range

Bowl elevator range

Spiral mixers with a removable bowl can be equipped with a bowl lifter in order to decant the different products more easily.

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Mixing Spi compact
Achat Mixing Spi compact

Spi compact

Available in two models 30 and 45 kg, The spiral mixers spi compact ensures a smooth mixing without heating, while respecting the steps required for a perfect oxygenation for traditional bread, speciality bread, croissants, milk bread, pizza dough, etc.

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