SPI tilting elevator ( Self tilting spiral mixers )

The Bertrand Puma self-tilting mixer allows the transfer of the dough contained in the fixed bowl.

The mixer is entirely lifted and then inclined by the mechanical arm in order to slide the dough contained in the vat towards a volumetric weigher or a refining table.

- Self tilting mixers have a welded mecano steel frame cover of an epoxy painted (food grade)

- The lifter has a double security at the end of race, high position

- The lifter is delivered with bolts because of the compulsory fixing for a security of working

-Rise and descent by a double holding down push button for inscreased security

- Robustness : designed with materials resistant to the working conditions of the baker.

- Reinforced safety.

- Easy hygiene thanks to a perfect ergonomics.

The range of the BERTRAND PUMA self-tilting mixers consists of two capacities for each of the following models :

  • EBG : self-tilting mixers left unloading
  • EBD : self-tilting mixers right unloading
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