VOLUTE and TORRENT water dynamizers

The Bertrand Puma range of Water Dynamizers boasts impressive treatment capacity, providing a fast, constant supply of purified, energized and structured water.
The filtration system is designed to significantly reduce the presence of heavy metals and pesticides, while preserving essential minerals and eliminating chlorine.
With state-of-the-art filtration, dynamization and water structuring, they guarantee healthy water for the production of quality products.

Water is an essential ingredient in bread-making, accounting for around 70% of the total recipe. Just as a baker meticulously selects his flour, it's crucial not to neglect the quality of the water used so as not to spoil the final product.

What is living water? Living water is water that comes from torrents, flowing freely and dynamically. It flows through a healthy natural environment full of life, exposed to the sun, and volutes between the pebbles, in contact with the minerals.

Bertrand Puma's TORRENT and VOLUTE systems restore your water's qualities in two stages: purification and dynamization.

State-of-the-art filtration 

Tap water, though potable, may contain traces of harmful elements. This is where the filtration stage of the water dynamizer plays a crucial role in eliminating these undesirable contaminants.
The water is filtered through cyclonic filters filled with volcanic stones and activated carbon (followed by a centrifugal helix filter screen in the Torrent model). This filtration naturally stops pollutants of many kinds (stale odors and tastes (chlorine), heavy metals (lead, zinc, arsenic, etc.), agricultural residues (nitrates, nitrites, chlorothalonil, etc.), etc.).

Numerous bakery benefits!

  • Better water absorption: sourdough is more active;
  • Better-knit gluten network: better basking and higher hydration;
  • Enhanced taste: salt can be reduced, in line with the industry's commitment to reducing salt content in bread;
  • Greater fermentation: yeast can be reduced;
  • Faster kneaded dough (15% to 40% depending on the case): less heat;
  • Less sticky dough: easier to de-vat, put in a tub or machine;
  • More active fermentation;
  • Bread develops more during baking: greater volume;
  • More wheat taste: satisfied customers!

Bertrand Puma's dynamization systems are based on a water filtration phase followed by dynamization, in which the water swirls in high-speed vortexes, allowing it to record the electromagnetic signature of nearby minerals
electromagnetic signature of nearby minerals (144 minerals, precious metals, clay shells). Available in two models: Torrent and Volute.

  • Torrent: for the complete bakery (bakery, beverage, sanitary). With a capacity of 2000L/hour
  • Volute: to be installed after the water doser. 720L/hour capacity

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