Spiral mixer - OXYGENE

The spiral mixers in the OXYGENE range offer incomparable mixing quality, combining versatility and sturdiness to ensure perfect respect for the dough and your work. The touch-sensitive interface accompanies the user on a daily basis, enabling easy, personalized management. The range comprises 4 models, with maximum dough capacities ranging from 45 to 130kg.

Focus on quality! 

The regular movement of the spiral produces a structured, smooth, coherent and homogeneous dough, thanks to a succession of pressures, stretches and shears.
These results are achieved thanks to the spiral, whose shape, combined with the geometry of the bowl, prevents dough from rising up along the tool, even for small kneads.
OXYGENE mixers are particularly robust, ensuring gentle kneading without overheating, while respecting the steps required for perfect oxygenation.

Take advantage of the new touch control, and get the most out of your mixer with the recipe mode.

OXYGENE thinks of your health! The transparent anti-splash cover reduces the risk of inhaling flour dust. A trap door allows ingredients to be inserted during mixing.
Vat heights comply with ergonomic recommendations to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

Safety first ! The OXYGENE range features a safety device that stops the bowl immediately when the lid is opened. The mixer is then completely immobilized.
An operator action is required to restart the cycle in complete safety.

The OXYGENE mixers' touchscreen interface makes it easy to customize your machine, and gives you peace of mind in the day-to-day management of your production.

Control with ease, thanks to the new touch control!

  • The OXYGENE mixers' touchscreen interface makes it easy to customize your mixer for stress-free day-to-day production management.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of manual mode or the simplicity of recipe mode!
    • In manual mode: Set the kneading time in 1st and 2nd speed via two separate timers. The direction of rotation of the bowl can be reversed on demand for better integration of the water in the flour.
    • Recipe mode: easily define, name, visualize and duplicate your recipes! Each recipe includes up to 8 programmable phases, with the option of defining kneading speeds (1st and 2nd), bowl rotation direction, scoring steps and alarms.
      To facilitate the baker's work and reduce repetitive and tiring tasks, the control system integrates an autolysis program and automatic bowl flaps.
      A temperature threshold can be set: beyond this threshold, kneading stops and a message appears. The baker then has the choice of draining or continuing to the end of the cycle.

A bowl designed to increase efficiency: 

  • The corked stainless steel bowl of OXYGENE spiral kneaders has been specially designed to ensure efficient and rapid frasing, as well as optimal oxygenation of the dough by stretching, cutting and blowing it in turn.
  • Its flat bottom ensures better flour recovery on the periphery, and gentle kneading for perfect dough consistency.
  • An infrared temperature sensor (optional) detects the surface temperature and easily displays it on the control panel. You can set a threshold to alert you if the set point is exceeded, or to stop the cycle directly.

Quickly calculate the proportions of water, salt or yeast needed for the quantity of flour required.

The OXYGENE range comprises 4 models with capacities ranging from 45kg to 130kg. 

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