Because each and every bread is different, because equipments are not equal and bakers don’t have the same needs, BERTRAND PUMA is putting forward several ranges and finishes on its equipments so that they can be perfectly suited to any kind of bakeries. The Platinum and Stentor versions of our equipments can be distinguished by the following characteristics :

logo de la gamme Platinium

It allows you to access the most technical options.

It ensures the operation for an ever more precise work and an unequalled result in the bakery. The answer to the needs of professionals who always aim for the best result.

It is the choice of technology for modern bakers.

logo de la gamme Stentor

Access to a reinforced design and an ever more robust choice of materials and accessories.

For intensive, all-terrain use, all day long.

It's the choice of performance at all times, in all conditions.

logo de la gamme Compact

It gives you access to a range of products specially designed for small spaces.

It is the choice of a space saving and ease of use for your bakery without compromising on performance.

logo de la gamme Cargo

The cargo range includes robust, reliable, regular equipment designed to withstand semiindustrial volumes and production rates.

Our range of products
Moulding Nova Soft – Roller
Achat Moulding Nova Soft – Roller

Nova Soft – Roller

The Nova Soft roller allows to stretch the dough pieces without degassing them in order to ensure a quality development of the products, rounded ends and to preserve the honeycomb.

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Moulding Moulders Euro 2000 (vertical)
Achat Moulding Moulders Euro 2000 (vertical)

Moulders Euro 2000 (vertical)

The moulder Euro 2000 allows the rolling and the shaping of dough pieces intended for the manufacture of baguettes, large and small long loaves.

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