- The structure is composed of 2 lateral flanges, in stainless steel connected by metallic spacers

- The laminating block is made up of 2 food grade plastic rollers, mounted on sealed ball bearings and a 3rd cylinder which facilitates the approach of the dough

- All rotating parts are mounted on sealed ball bearings

- The motorization of the mechanical part is ensured by a motor protected by a thermal circuit breaker

- The introduction of the dough pieces in the moulder is easily done thanks to a centering chute

- An extractable drawer covered with felt collects the shaped pieces at the machine exit

- Customization of the dough piece lengthening: The adjustment of the distance for the lengthening is ensured by a system of rods and joints and a control by lever

- Easy maintenance : Easily removable food quality scrapers ensure the permanent cleaning of the rollers

- Safety: The articulated stainless steel chute protects the user.

BERTRAND PUMA moulders are available in vertical or horizontal versions to be placed. They can be placed on a base equipped with casters, on a dough piece rest or suspended from a wall rail.

The use of a moulder allows the rolling and shaping of dough pieces for the production of baguettes, large and small long loaves. This equipment replaces manual shaping, thus saving time.

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