Rodolph Couston, Ambassador Bertrand Puma

 Rodolph Couston, consultant baker and teacher at the CFA Saint-Roch in Avignon, has been passing on his passion and values to the many students under his responsibility for years. Convinced of the reliability and quality of Bertrand-Puma equipment, he trusted us to support him during one of the most important moments in his career: the Best Worker of France competition.

"Nova Trad will ensure the quality of traditional French bread to get a top-of-the-range baguette"

Our other clients testify

Yves Vignon

Vignon bakery in Montoison (26)

"You have to be careful with your back, it's important! And this equipment also saves us a lot of time."

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Mathieu Fouraison

Fouraison bakery in Crest (26)

"Nova Soft gives us regularity while keeping a quality of hand shaping.

Its compactness is also an advantage since we are rather restricted in terms of space. "

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