The fermentolevain is a bakery-pastry equipment allowing to elaborate and to keep liquid leaven.

The incorporation of liquid leaven in bread-making allows for shorter mixing times and promotes alveolus. Liquid Leaven gives a greater mechanical tolerance to the dough (flexibility, elongation). Depending on the percentage of incorporation, the aromas and flavors of the products will vary.

Fast leavening : The V-Touch is an intuitive control panel that gives an easy access to all the machine’s functionalities. The user locates and reaches quickly many parameters from the main menu.

- Perfect and controlled hygiene : Fermentolevain® offers an automatic washing cycle (2 cycles: economic and full) that allows a quick and easy clean up. A hand spray effortlessly reaches every corner of the tank and the tools (not available on the FL 30 models).

- Easy to use and control : the control panel guides the baker step by step thanks to pre-registered or customizable programs. Storage cycles are easily monitored using clear and intuitive control panels.

- An artisanal taste : The loaves obtained are consistent, rich, with a slightly lactic taste that can be altered with more sour flavours by adjusting the « Chef », the temperature and the proofing time.

- Better bread storage : Leaven bread can be stored and preserved longer than common bread, thanks to the acidity released by the bacterias, which slows down the staling. This kind of bread also has a thicker crust that acts like a protective cover. It helps to keep the humidity in the bread, and limits the drying of the crumb.

-Easier mechanisation and working of dough : Using natural leaven shortens fermentation and kneading time. As the glutinous tissue is much more structured, mechanical operations are easier : the dough is  more supple, which facilitates lamination and moulding, cutting is sharper and the dough is less sticky.

The Fermentolevain® range has 4 leaven processors with a capacity of 30L to 200L, for small or large production.

The Fermentolevain® range guarantees that your natural leaven capacity matches your production.

All our Fermentolevain® models allow you to keep your basis leaven for several days and produce refreshed leaven in the strictest hygiene conditions.  It is now possible to make the leaven « Chef » in Fermentolevain®.

All of them, even with the smallest tank capacity have a heating cord and cooling coil designed to promote maturing and storage of natural leaven.

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