Whenever possible, we buy from French suppliers. On a daily basis, we make every effort to offer alternative solutions to limit our environmental impact; our energy consumption is controlled.

Concerned about our environment, we support Made In France and are constantly working on reducing our energy and climate footprint. 

Proximity: 99% of our raw materials and components are European, 89% of which are French. As a French industrial player, we support the local economy and source as close to us as possible, reducing our carbon footprint.

Our three production sites are French and contribute to the local economy.

Sobriety: Every day, we do our utmost to develop economically efficient equipment and to find alternatives to limit energy consumption and environmental impact.

Beyond the work done on our machines, Pavailler Solution works every day to minimize its impact; this includes recycling our waste, refurbishing our buildings, using LED lighting, eliminating disposable cups, etc.