What kind of products do you process in the Nova Soft rewinder? 

"At the beginning, we wanted to use it only for our traditional breads. However, we have tested it on white bread, organic bread and even on 100% sourdough bread, which have given us a very good result, with a good hold, well rounded ends, a well-developed grigne and an interesting honeycomb. In terms of size, we are able to bake both sandwich loaves and large loaves. Even 1.5kg* loaves perform well. Our customers come mainly for our snacking, bread and pastries. We work with hard sourdough, liquid sourdough, fermented dough and several kinds of fermentation to increase the taste and shelf life of our products. It is good that Nova Soft can contribute to have a good offer in the store with tasty and varied bread".

"Nova Soft gives us regularity while keeping a quality of hand shaping. Its compactness is also an asset since we are rather restricted in terms of space".

How has Nova Soft been integrated into your processes? 

"We have several processes in place. For the traditional bread, we do the pointing in trays, for the white bread the slow rise, and for the sourdough a longer tempered rise. Even if we were already using processes of pushing in trays, Nova Soft gave us autonomy and speed. We pass our dough pieces in the machine, we load on carts, we leave 20/30min at room temperature then we block at 8°C. After that, I can bake all day long when I need it, according to the demand and my delivery schedule".

What is its advantage over a traditional shaper?

"The rolling machine respects the dough better and is closer to shaping it by hand. Before, we shaped everything by hand, except for the white bread. This was a problem because there are four of us in the bakery with four different ways of doing things. Nova Soft gives us regularity while keeping a quality of hand shaping. Its compactness is also an asset since we are rather restricted in terms of space".

How does Nova Soft help you on a daily basis? 

"Above all, Nova Soft allows us to mitigate the lack of qualified personnel - which is our major problem - and to save us time. Reworking our organization and relying on efficient equipment that does not require any particular training allows us to compensate for the difficulty we have in finding the right people. With Nova Soft, there is no need to take back the dough at the exit of the machine, it is enough to put it on a canvas and on a cart, it is within everyone's reach! It allows me to free up my time to concentrate on the key jobs such as kneading or baking".

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