- The change of the dough sheeter mats is now easier thanks to a table release system that allows the replacement of the mat in only thirty minutes.

- Special attention has been paid to the construction of STRATUS mills to facilitate cleaning operations. The linear and compact design with smooth surfaces, the removable and foldable tables, or the woven plastic belt, are all elements that simplify the daily cleaning of the machine.

- Stentor range: A reinforced design and a choice of materials and accessories increasingly robust for intensive and all-terrain use.


- The Stratus Senior XL dough sheeter is also available in the Platinium version, all options. Of which have a reinforced table for cutting. The table is equipped with a standard frame for supporting the tools with a cutting tool included (interchangeable tools when ordered). Other sizes of cutting tools are available as accessories. For even more precision and comfort, this rolling mill has a digital display of the opening of the rolls, a double speed selector, as well as a double pedal for the reversal of work cycles.

- Ease of use: dough sheeter Stratus are equipped with a white metal frame and cover, allowing work without physical effort or fatigue.

- Quality: the anti-tear insertion rollers at the belt entrance ensure easy and uninterrupted work.

- Consistency: A reinforced aluminum graduation strip ensures consistent dough strip thickness for products of consistent size and weight. The ergonomic handle of the adjustment lever allows a reliable and precise handling, for an effortless adjustment of the cylinder opening.

The equipment of the STRATUS range is a table and stand-mounted dough sheeter. They are the allies of bakers for the refining of doughs and the realization of puff pastries. Their versatile and easy use allows regular results for tasty pastries.

The STRATUS range from Bertand Puma is composed of table-top sheeters (Junior) and pedestal models (Senior and Senior XL). The Junior tabletop sheeter will fit into the smallest of work spaces. With a distance of 700mm between its feet, it can be placed on a pastry lathe for even more convenience. For an even smaller footprint, the STRATUS sheeters have removable tables that can be folded up.

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