BP intermediate proofer

The BP intermediate proofer is available in automatic or manual version, from 62 to 84 trays, in 2 widths, allowing to reach a capacity of 260 to 588 pieces of dough.

- The swings are made of 3 bars, one of which is weighted, which gives them excellent rigidity and stability. They can return pockets of 650g, 1000g and gutters in synthetic felt or mono filament. The pockets on thermoformed frame are very easy to assemble and remove.

- Pocket to pocket flouring allowing a saving of flour and limiting the dust in suspension in the bakery.

- The expansion chamber can be completely filled (both in manual and automatic versions) thanks to the disengageable turning system.

- The loading surface of the manual version is covered with felt to facilitate bolting.

In case of power failure, it is possible to unload the expansion chamber manually. An emptying key is provided for this purpose.

A guarantee of robustness

The self-supporting structure of the expansion chamber is made of food-grade epoxy painted steel. The spacer shafts ensure excellent rigidity.

A sustained output

A guaranteed output of 1200 pieces / hour which allows to reduce significantly the preparation time compared to a manual handling of these operations.

Easy maintenance and servicing

All the expansion chamber is mobile thanks to wheels (2 of which have brakes) located under the frame. The limit switches are adjustable from the outside without any dismantling.

The BP range of expansion chambers are available in automatic or manual versions, from 62 to 84 trays, in 2 widths, allowing to reach a capacity of 260 to 588 pieces of dough.

Remarks : On all BP chambers, the turning device is retractable. Therefore, the BP chambers can be completely filled. In this case, the number of useful scales corresponds to the number of total scales.

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