- Epoxy painted steel frame on wheels.

- The putting under pressure and cutting are made by upper lever and the rounding by lateral lever.

- Each machine is delivered with 3 rounding plates whose indentations correspond to the number of divisions chosen.

- Engine protected by a thermal-magnetic circuit breaker.

Ergonomics and hygiene

In simple movements, the dough is divided by the oscillating plate which rolls the dough into perfectly rounded and identical pieces. The intensity of the pressing and the duration of the rounding can be adjusted manually according to the type of dough to be worked.

For more mobility, the RD2 First dividers are equipped with wheels that retract when the machine is in use. 

The maintenance is simple thanks to an easy access to the different components and the possibility to tilt the cutting disc forward.

The Teflon coating on the disc also makes cleaning quick and easy. This machine meets the latest safety and hygiene standards.

The equipments of the RD2 First range are manual divider rounders, perfect for dividing and rounding dough of any type and weight, without altering the dough growth process.
They are available in 5 models varying from 14 to 52 divisions.

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