A divider-rounding machine divides the dough into dough pieces of equal mass and rounds them to make round rolls.

Our dough divider-rounders guarantee uniform dough distribution: in simple movements, the dough is divided by the oscillating plate, which rounds the dough into perfectly rounded dough pieces of identical size and weight.
ALIZÉ is designed to be simple and intuitive to use.

The 4.5' touch screen allowsyou to save different programs, and set tamping intensity and rounding  time (Platinium version only) according to the type of dough to be worked. ALIZÉ is particularly robust, thanks to its painted steel frame, ensuring comfortable, smooth operation. The boulage cycle is activated by the front pedal on the Stentor version, or via the control unit on the Platinium version.

Moving your equipment for cleaning operations has never been easier! Equipped withwheels, ALIZÉ is  easy to handle, thanks to the front handles and the lever for raising the feet in a single movement. 
Maintenance is simple, thanks to easy access to the various components and theability to tilt the cutting  disc forward. Cleaning the disc and stainless steel knives is quick and easy thanks to the cleaning cycle.
This machine complies with the latest safety and hygiene standards.

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