o - Compact: With a depth of 770 mm for a breadth of 510 mm, the Equinoxe Compact will fit in all bakery configurations!

o - Optimal and robust construction : Particularly robust, the Equinoxe Compact has an aluminum lid covered with a stainless steel sheet to resist shocks. The lid springs are also protected by a stainless steel cover.

o - Accessories : A folding shelf is available as an accessory to facilitate the transfer of the dough pieces after division. It can be installed on the right or left side of the machine. A 40 division grid is also sold as an option. It allows to divide each tray into 40 small pieces of dough.

- Absolute compactness : No more compromises! With the Equinoxe Compact, bakers can count on a compact machine that fits into their small work spaces, while maintaining the same level of sturdiness and performance they look for every day.

- Easy maintenance : The aluminum bowl guarantees perfect hygiene, while facilitating the daily cleaning of the machine. The cleaning of the knives is very simple thanks to their automatic lifting, and the maintenance of the interior of the machine is also done without constraints thanks to the side access of maintenance and its system of unlocking Quick Access.

- Ease of use : The eccentric handle allows quick and reliable handling, for effortless closing. A state-of-the-art hydraulic control lever and an emergency stop button are located on the front of the machine. For even greater ergonomics, a handling and protection bar on the front facilitates the movement of the machine, without the risk of damaging the power cable, thanks to a holding system at the back of the equipment.

The Equinoxe Compact is a hydraulic divider with a square bowl, capable of dividing the dough into 20 equal pieces. Its use allows bakers to get rid of the time-consuming operations necessary for manual division, for an even more precise result and a significant saving of time.

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