The legendary DiviTrad®, used for so many years, is back with a brand new design and new features, under the name DiviTrad® Legend.

Versatile, DiviTrad® is equipped with knives allowing a cut in 20 square pieces. It allows both the "classic" division before proofing and the "traditional" division to work directly and bake immediately.

 - New DOUBLE CUT cutting system: allows you to divide your dough directly into 2x10 pieces.

 - Modern and refined design of the unlocking knob, and 100% stainless steel 304 casing for more robustness.

 - TradiCut grid in teflon material with a specific shape for a perfect welding of the dough-sticks

 - Side access for maintenance with the Quick Access release system allowing an easy daily cleaning of the machine interior

- Quality above all : the new DOUBLE CUT system makes it possible to obtain dough pieces that are less degassed, well welded and gently stretched, in order to preserve the dough and guarantee the future honeycombing.

- Precision : DiviTrad® is equipped on the front with a button for adjusting the tamping pressure in order to adapt to the hardest as well as the softest dough. In the Platinium version, it also has a button for adjusting the tamping time, allowing total control and optimization of dough degassing. The return switch allows you to switch from half bowl mode to full bowl mode depending on the volume of dough to be divided.

- Easy maintenance : the aluminum bowl guarantees perfect hygiene, while facilitating the daily maintenance of the machine. The cleaning of the knives is very simple thanks to the automatic lifting. The food-grade plastic blades can be removed individually by means of a pin system.

The DiviTrad® guarantees daily performance in your bakery and is an essential tool for efficient and flexible production. The use of this machine allows bakers to get rid of the time-consuming operations necessary for manual preparation, for a result that is just as precise and saves time.

Easy to use, your breads are ready in a flash: cut your dough with DiviTrad® and put it in the oven immediately!

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