From dough to bread From dough to bread

From dough to bread

Betrand Puma unveils its new automatic bread plant! This latest-generation tool enables large quantities to be produced, while maintaining optimum quality. From dough to bread shaping, only one person is needed to produce up to 1,200 baguettes in an hour!  Archipel is available with either a rounding belt or a conical rounder, depending on the dough required. A conical dough rounder will allow you to work with stronger doughs, while the dough rounder will favour more airy breads. Suitable for traditional work and designed for doughs with a moisture content of 55 to 65%, work in this automated environment is extremely respectful of the dough and does not alter it. The dough is developed in the best possible way thanks to the dynamic intermediate proofer with 329 pockets. This is a complete, easy-to-use and high-performance piece of equipment!  Archipel

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