Divitrad Compact

The legendary DiviTrad® is now available in Compact mode! With a depth of 810 mm and a width of 680 mm with its frame (510 mm wide), the DiviTrad® Compact will fit into the smallest bakeries, while maintaining the level of robustness and performance expected on a daily basis.

With its 400x400 mm bowl, DiviTrad® Compact is equipped with knives allowing a cutting in 20 square pieces. It allows both the "classic" division before proofing and the "traditional" division to form baguettes and bake immediately.

- New DOUBLE CUT cutting system: allows you to divide your dough directly into 2x10 pieces.

- Optimal construction: The DiviTrad® Compact has an aluminum cover covered with a stainless steel sheet to resist shocks, and a robust frame treated against corrosion. Its springs are also protected by a stainless steel cover. The ergonomic handle with eccentric allows a fast and reliable handling, for an effortless closing.

- Accessories: A folding shelf is available to facilitate the transfer of dough pieces after division, to place a flour container or any other utensil at the convenience of the baker.

Three cutting grids (not included with the machine) are also available to meet your different needs:

- 8 division grid

- 2x8 division grid

- 4x8 division grid

- Quality above all: the new DOUBLE CUT system allows to obtain dough pieces less degassed, well welded and gently stretched, in order to preserve the dough and to guarantee the future honeycombing.

- Easy maintenance: The cast aluminium bowl guarantees perfect hygiene, while facilitating the daily cleaning of the machine. The cleaning of the stainless steel knives is very simple thanks to their automatic lifting, and the maintenance of the interior of the machine is also done without constraints thanks to the side maintenance access and its Quick Access release system.

- Versatile: The DiviTrad® Compact allows quick and easy change of cutting shape thanks to its grid support which is integral to the machine.

- Safety: The grid support is equipped with a spring to accompany the movement during maneuvers. These operations are more comfortable and safer because the support cannot fall back accidentally. Changing the grid is quick and ergonomic thanks to a simple four-point locking system, for easy handling with little effort.

The DiviTrad® Compact is a square tank divider-former, capable of dividing dough into 20 equal pieces. The most compact machine on the market, it has been specially designed for craftsmen with limited space and budget who do not wish to make any concession on quality and maintenance.

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