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Our teams were delighted to welcome you to our stand at the Sirha Europain trade show in Paris. 

This year, we arrived from Nevers with many new products to unveil, and we're very proud of them! Our teams work tirelessly to develop the best bakery and confectionery equipment on the market, to meet your current and future needs. 

We know that the quality of raw materials is central to the production of breads and pastries, which is why we have developed two water dynamizers, Volute and Torrent, which filter out harmful particles and restore water to its full potential. We worked with the best on the market, already well known in the medical field, to develop these dynamizers adapted to the bakery-pastry sector. 

The results are incredible! All the bakers we've had test the water dynamizers are positive: fermentation is much more active, basinage is quicker, dough is much less sticky and taste is enhanced by lower salt levels. Products can be worked more quickly and easily, and have much better organoleptic properties. The difference in taste between tap water and water from the dynamizer surprised everyone at the show! 

The Volute model is plugged in between the mixer and the water meters, to guarantee pure water in all your preparations, while Torrent is installed on your water supply so that the whole bakery can benefit from it.

Volute and Torrent in video

What could be better than a new mixer to accompany these dynamizers? Indeed, after months of research and development, we've introduced Oxygene, our new fixed-tank spiral mixer. Oxygene replaces our SPI range on vats from 45kg to 130kg. Equipped with a new touch-sensitive control, it is very easy to use, thanks in particular to its recipe mode. 

Last but not least, Europain 2024 will mark the 30th anniversary of the Fermentolevain. In 1994, the Fermentolevain was awarded the prize for innovation of the year. Since then, Fermentolevain has been recognized the world over by some of the biggest names in the industry. 

We look forward to seeing you in 1 year's time, at the SIRHA Lyon trade show! 

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